Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Camp

Q: What if my son gets hurt or sick in camp?

A: We can treat minor problems in camp (cut, headache, etc). If more help is needed the camp has a medical professional - a doctor or nurse practioner - available. We will contact parents if we need to render medical assistance.

Q; Are the merit badge schedules hard and fast or can my son miss sessions?

A: For the most part the schedules are hard and fast. The scout needs to complete all of the merit badge requirements within the week, and missing sessions can reduce the likelihood the merit badge is completed. Still sometimes a session needs to be missed and if that is the case your son should talk to his merit badge counselor as soon as he knows that he will miss a session. He should be proactive rather than retroactive. The counselor might help your son finish the requirements. It will take discipline and follow-through on your son's part though.

Q: I paid for camp and my son changed his mind about going. Can I have a full refund?

A: Once the money is paid to council, there is no full refund. Council will refund half of the money a month (or so) after the last week of summer camp. You may not get your refund until September. However, if the money has not been turned into council yet, you can have a full refund.

Q: How much money can I send with my son?

A: About $10 - 15. He can use the money at the trading post. There are merit badge kits, souvenirs, candy and soda at the trading post. Sending a lot of money is problematic and usually results in the scout eating far more candy than is healthy.

Q: Can I just pop in to camp?

A: We love to have parents join us. If you want to join us let us know first. We need to make arrangements for food and we will need your medical form (Forms A & B with copies of the front & back of the insurance card) if you are spending the night.

Q: Can my son come home on Thursday after my visit?

A: We want to encourage all scouts to finish the program and their merit badges. If your son leaves early then his patrol will be short-handed, which means more work for the other scouts. If your son is homesick then leaving early will reinforce being homesick. The older scouts are excellent resources for helping your son work through homesickness - they've gone through it and outgrew it.

Q: My son takes medicine, can he take it with him?

A: Yes, all medicines must be checked in with the leaders. The leaders will make sure that your son's medicine is administered properly. For safety reasons the leaders must have custody of the medicines.

Q: What do we pack?

A:  Here is a list of items to pack. It is worth double-checking your son's bag before leaving for camp. We do not have extra sleeping bags, rain ponchos, and clothes.