Why a Scout should go to Summer Camp, according to Noah Lee, former SPL:

  1. Camp helps Scouts understand that they are part of a team, and the work they do as a team member helps the team.
  2. Camp helps Scouts build camping skills like building fires.
  3. In only a week a Scout gets multiple merit badges done.
  4. Scouts work on the achievements for rank advancement.
  5. Camp helps Scouts become more independent.
  6. Camp helps Scouts develop leadership skills.
  7. Camp help develop culinary skills with what you're given.
  8. Scouts get to meet and get to know people from other troops.
  9. Scouts get to spend a week in nature.
  10. It's just fun.

2016 Summer Camp

June 19 - 25

at S-F Scout Ranch

Camp Gamble

Weisbart Site


Be There!

Adult Coordinators: Denise Lee & Nicki Jones

Leaders Attending: 

Scout Coordinators: SPL & ASPL

Activity Form:

What you need to do:

  • Complete the medical forms and copy the front & back of insurance card submit by May 1 - go to the Forms and Documentation page to download the A,B & C Medical Forms.
  • Early bird registration is March 1 and will save you $15 from the $255 fee.
  • Payments will be submitted individually online. This is different from the past when payments were gathered for the troop and the troop made the payment to Council.
  • Mark your calendar for parent visit night on the Thursday of summer camp.
  • Pick out the merit badges you are interested in. Older scouts can choose from the Older Scout Program (note there may be extra costs) or the Ranger Program ($10 more).
  • Registration for merit badges & special camps will be done by the individual - not by the leader. This will be done online.
  • Pack! Don't forget your class B & class A uniforms. Here's a packing list:
  • When packing, put your swimming suit on top. As soon as camp is set up we'll take swimming tests. Put your rain gear on top as well.
  • Pack lunch and arrive at camp between noon and 1 PM.
  • The SPL and ASPL will meet at the church on July 5 at 7:30 AM and ride down to camp with the trailer.
  • Check out on Saturday, July 11 is between 9 AM and 11AM. Do not arrive before 9 AM. Please be patient - we have to be completely checked out by the camp staff in order to leave. No one can leave before we have been given the OK to leave. We have to work as a team to clean up the camp site - please respect that.

Complete medical forms = everything is filled out properly on the appropriate form (dates are listed for immunizations, for example) AND a copy of the front and back of the current medical insurance card is completed. There is a checkbox on form A if you do not have insurance. For summer camp forms A, B & C must be submitted.

See the Forms and Documentation page for medical forms

Scouts 14 years and older can attend the Older Scout Program or Ranger Camp instead of working on merit badges.

Map of Camp Gamble at the S-F Scout Ranch. We will be at the Weisman site:

The 2012 Summer Camp Crew

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Important Information and Dates

  • Fees for Scouts $255
  • Fees for Adults $100
  • There are scholarships available through Council. If you are interested, please tell Denise Lee by December 31.
  • Fees & Sign-up due by February 23.
  • Medical Forms (Parts A, B & C) are due by May 1 - make arrangements now to have medical personnel fill out part C. Everyone attending camp must turn in a medical form.
  • Include a copy of the front & back of your insurance card with the medical form. If you do not have insurance, check the "no insurance" box on part A.
  • Mandatory parents meeting February 23, 2015.